Can UGG Boots be cleaned?

photo 1

Ugg Sheepskin boots can be cleaned and stains can be removed. The photo at right shows a pair of Ugg boots worn in heavy wet snow. The boots got soaking wet and then were left to dry. You can see how ugly the stains are on the un-cleaned boot on the right. The boot on the left has been professionally cleaned by us at Boyer’s BootnShoe. You can see that almost all of the stains are gone. photo 3There is some minor discoloration still visible if you look really, really, close.

Cleaning badly stained Ugg Boots is a complicated process that we use at Boyer’s BootnShoe. I can’t share, yet, how we do it. We use some secret sauce, a little magic and advice from Shoe Elves. Shoe Elves get really mad if you give out their secrets. So, at this time, if you need your Ugg boots cleaned you can photo 2send them to us here at Boyer’s BootnShoe, 420 N 36th St, Quincy, IL 62301, and we can clean them for you. At present it costs approximately $30, plus shipping, to clean a pair of Ugg Sheepskin Boots stained as bad as the ones shown in the photos.

Cleaned Ugg Boots
Ugg Boots with Stains Removed


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